Why Is Hemp Oil So Expensive!?

Why Is Hemp Oil So Expensive!?

The truth is, it isn’t but the hemp industry, being so new, is highly inefficient and the players are seeing dollar signs as the industry experiences exponential growth.

On the retail front, the hemp industry is driven by what we call “White Label” brands. These White Label companies do not actually produce or grow any hemp. They outsource all of their CBD oil growing, manufacturing and bottling to outside companies, slap their label on it and ship it to you. What’s the harm in that you might ask? Isn’t it entrepreneurial? There is no harm in this process at all except to the consumer’s pocket book.

By the time the grower is paid, the broker is paid, the company that manufactures the end product is paid and the product gets marked up by 100% (so that the White Labeler can double their money), the final product has become quite expensive. Unfortunately it’s the consumer that pays the high price for this type of production, an affordable health supplement becomes an expensive luxury.

The other issue is that the quality and safety of the product can become compromised during the production process. Was the hemp grown organically? Is the carrier oil organic? Did the product lab test for potency? All of these are legitimate concerns for products with a long supply chain.

The solution is Vertically Integrated Producers. Look for companies that are in control of the entire process from seed to retail. There are actually a good number of these small producers in the marketplace and Black Dog Botanicals is proud to be one of them. As the first Certified Naturally Grown Hemp farm in the country, we are pleased to offer our 100% organic products at a 50 to 75% discount over other retailers.  

Hemp oil is very much a commodity like any other commodity and all companies are basically producing the same end product. The only real variations are in the carrier oils, agricultural standards and whether the hemp oil has been decarboxylated or not. More on that term in future articles.

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– Black Dog Botanicals

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