About Us

Black Dog Botanicals was started for our own Black Dog Bentley, the Newfoundland. He started having health issues a couple years ago, and was seriously injuring himself. We tried everything to make him feel better. A trip to the vet when the poor guy was howling in pain would load him up on pain pills and muscle relaxers that were dangerous for him to take over the long term.

We explored different therapy options, acupuncture wasn’t the best fit because of his massive fur, but his chiropractor was able to help a lot. At this time we came across Hemp Oil treats, and thought, “Why not?” If it could possibly help our Big Bear of a dog feel a little better it was worth a try. Lo and behold, it started helping his pain and inflammation. He was able to recover quicker from injuring his neck. He was able to rest and allow his body to heal. He finally wasn’t suffering in pain.

We had done our research and found Hemp oil that we would give him daily to help with his inflammation. It was a life changer for Bentley. He was finally able to move the way he wanted. Now on the very rare occasion he moves in a way that triggers his old injury, he may be in slight pain for one day. This is compared to the seven days he would be surviving in pain before.

From seeing the benefits, and new lease on life Hemp oil gave Bentley, we wanted to spread the hope. Hemp oil gave our Black Dog a new life. We hope to help your family as well. Welcome to Black Dog Botanicals.